Vibration Eliminator


Flexible Connector Vibration Eliminator

This vibration eliminator, also known as a flexible connector or flexible joint, is a straight, single sphere molded of multiple layers of synthetic rubber and nylon reinforcing fabric with raised faces and is provided with floating steel flanges.

It is used where noise and vibration needs to be isolated as well as alignment between pipes are necessary, for example in air-conidtioning, sanitary equipment, industrial plant equipment, marine
piping systems or other various plant piping systems.

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Code connection Other details
FLX-032 1 1/4"
FLX-040 1 1/2"
FLX-050 2"
FLX-065 2 1/2"
FLX-080 3"
FLX-100 4"
FLX-125 5"
FLX-150 6"
FLX-200 8"

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