Pressure Control

Solutions for controlling pressure in residential, commercial and industrial water applications.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control Valves including tempering valves, thermostatic mixing valves, warm water systems and temperature control for emergency showers.

Water Metering

Cold and hot water meters, together with market leading solutions for autmoatic meter reading systems.

Backflow Prevention

Devices for backflow prevention to stop contaminated water from flowing back in water pipes.

Balancing and Flow Control

Flow control valves to balance heating or cooling circuits in mechanical or domestic hot water systems.

Hydronic Heating

Products for closed loop water based hydronic heating or cooling systems.


Products to suit renewable heat sources such as solar, heat pump and geothermal systems.

Emergency showers & Safety

Range of safety shower, eyewash and emergency response products.

H-BOX Systems

Solutions for reducing deadlegs in circulating heated water systems with meters or PRVs.

Isolation Valves

Valves for isolating fluid including ball, gate, butterfly, solenoid valves and more.

Strainers and Check Valves

Non-return valves, strainers, vibration eliminators and other miscellaneous plumbing products.

Trap Primer

Electronic timer based solenoid valves used to maintain a constant seal in traps.

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