Trap Priming Valve


Automatic Trap Priming Valve

Electronic timer based solenoid valve used to maintain a constant seal in traps.

Available as an individual unit supplied in components or plumbed complete in stainless lockable enclosure.

Rated to 80°C, suitable for hot water flushing systems.

The timer is programmable from 0.1 seconds to 99 hours. The duration of flusing should be programmed on site, depending on factors such as; the rate of evaporation of the trap, the numbers of traps to be primed, and the pressure available on site.

The trap primer must be installed in accordance with AS/NZS3500.2 and the notes in the installation manual. An air gap may be required to be plumbed by the installer, as required under the Standard.

The trap primer should be located in the same room or compartment as the floor waste gully, with the maximum distance of the charge pipe should be 10m to any trap as per AS/NZS3500.2.

The unit is able to prime 1 – 10 traps. Note that if multiple traps are plumbed from one assembly, then each individual line should be flow controlled to ensure equal distribution of water to each trap.


Use ATP15 to automatically charge the trap seal in floor drains. Digital timer provides 1 seconds to 99 hour cycling for on / off. Supplied with 12V plug-in transformer, vacuum breaker and isolation valve. Optional 300x300mm stainless steel wall mounted enclosure.


Code connection Other details
APTV15 15mm
SSATPV15 15mm Complete is SS lockable wall mounted enclosure

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