H-BOX Mini System


Hot water circulating system to reduce deadlegs to a larger apartment

The “H-BOX Mini” has been designed to facilitate hot water circulation for a larger dwelling such as a penthouse or townhouse to maintain the water temperature in pipes, thereby providing improved hot water delivery times to the fixtures.

The HBS-1 mini H-BOX system has been specifically designed to overcome limitations in circulating hot water due to constraints relating to the hot water meter or pressure control valve which would normally hinder the ability to circulate water to each fixture.

All components are Watermark approved.


H-BOX ‘mini’ hot water circulating system, consisting of heat exchanger, circulating pump with plug, expansion vessel, and ancillary components to facilitate circulation of hot water after a hot water meter and/or pressure control valve to an individual apartment to maintain design temperatures in pipes.

Run the circulating pipe within the apartment as close as practical to each fixture to reduce hot water lag time, as shown in the drawings.

If multiple ‘mini’ H-BOX systems installed in parallel, ensure balancing valves (not supplied) are installed and commissioned to provide a suitable flow rate through the primary side.

Ensure suitable piping system used for continuous use hot water and lagged in accordance with AS/NZS3500.4.


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Code connection Other details
HBS-1 15mm 1kW @ 3°C ΔT and 0.08l/s max. 25mm primary side and 15mm secondary side connections.

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