SS Enclosure for Backflow Valves


Stainless Steel Enclosure for Backflow Prevention Valves

Available for 15mm to 40mm valves
Perspex or solid SS lid
Single or double configuration


Stainless Steel Recessed Box w/Perspex Lid. Single or Double RPZ with lockable door. 40mm Plug and waste. Adjustable depth up to 45mm. Also available with Solid Lid.


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Code connection Other details
SSRE-P-4A15DBL 15mm Double RPZ. Perspex Lid.
SSRE-P-4A15SGL 15mm Single RPZ. Perspex Lid.
SSRE-P-4A20DBL 20mm Double RPZ. Perspex Lid.
SSRE-P-4A20SGL 20mm Single RPZ. Perspex Lid.
SSRE-P-4A25DBL 25mm Double RPZ. Perspex Lid.
SSRE-P-4A25SGL 25mm Single RPZ. Perspex Lid.
SSRE-P-4A32DBL 32mm Double RPZ. Perspex Lid.
SSRE-P-4A32SGL 32mm Single RPZ. Perspex Lid.
SSRE-P-4A40DBL 40mm Double RPZ. Perspex Lid.
SSRE-P-4A40SGL 40mm Single RPZ. Perspex Lid.
SSRE-S-4A15DBL 15mm Double RPZ. Solid Lid.
SSRE-S-4A15SGL 15mm Single RPZ. Solid Lid.
SSRE-S-4A20DBL 20mm Double RPZ. Solid Lid.
SSRE-S-4A20SGL 20mm Single RPZ. Solid Lid.
SSRE-S-4A25DBL 25mm Double RPZ. Solid Lid.
SSRE-S-4A25SGL 25mm Single RPZ. Solid Lid.
SSRE-S-4A32DBL 32mm Double RPZ. Solid Lid.
SSRE-S-4A32SGL 32mm Single RPZ. Solid Lid.
SSRE-S-4A40DBL 40mm Double RPZ. Solid Lid.
SSRE-S-4A40SGL 40mm Single RPZ. Solid Lid.

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